Thoughts on the Sims 4 CAS Demo

From the very beginning CAS has been an integral part of the Sims gameplay.  It is the basis of how we create our characters, and tell our stories!  The new Sims 4 CAS is an amazing tool, and has given me a lot of hope for Sims 4 gameplay.

Let’s face it, in Sims 3 the CAS tool is a laggy mess full of hairstyles and outfits you would NEVER use! The hairstyles are overly shiny and some look very plastic, and they also don’t seem to match the rest of the sim in terms of realism.  It is difficult to create sims that actually look like they are from different cultures, and using the random generation is almost sure to create a scary freak of a sim.

The Sims 4 revolutionizes CAS by allowing you to not only make sims that look like they are from different cultures, but allows you to create sims that actually resemble people!  Now when I browse through the sims gallery I can often pick out the celebrity sims before I even look at the names.  Sometimes the resemblance is uncanny!  Bottom line is, once you learn how to use the tool, you can create very realistic looking sims.  Also, while the hair is still not super realistic, I think it matches the rest of the sim a lot more now, and that unity of style makes me incredibly happy!

NotCartoon2 NotCartoon1 NotCartoon3 NotCartoon4 NotCartoon5 NotCartoon6

In addition to this realism, you can take your sims a very different direction and go for a more cartoony look.  This also produces some very interesting sims, in my opinion!

 cartoon3 cartoon4 cartoon1 cartoon2 CharlotteFace Charlotte1

Beyond faces and bodies, the new sorting of outfits is amazing!  I think a lot of time and effort was put into organizing things into proper categories.  Hopefully this will prevent a lot of the ‘flippers on every sim’ problems in the Sims 3.  I also think a lot of care was given when making the different outfit pieces.  There are almost no clothing pieces or hairstyles that I absolutely hate in the Sims 4 CAS.  Meanwhile, back in the Sims 3, I could have easily gotten rid of half of what was offered.  I feel like in the Sims 4 CAS, there are less choices, but they are much higher quality choices.  The fact that you can pair a hat with any hairstyle, and boots with any pants is also a big step in the right direction.

There are some things I hope they tweak in the final Sims 4 CAS version.  I hope they add a lot more colors for clothing items, since I sorely miss the addition of CASt for making my styles match in the Sims 3.  I want to see a slider for the makeup transparency, because as it is you can only go all or none when it comes to makeup, there aren’t really any good inbetweens.  I also really really desperately hope to see more skin and eye colors!  I already miss my rainbow sims from Sims 3, and I hope to have them again soon!  Also, the darker skin colors seem really ashy, and not very warm at all.  I hope they add some warmer browns in for the darker skin colors.

I fear that we won’t get skin blending for genetics in this iteration of the Sims either,  I was really hoping to see a genetics system that would produce children with a range of skin tones between the parents’ skin colors, and not just a copy of one parent or the other.  Hopefully a brilliant moder will fix this problem so I can have rainbow babies in the Sims 4!

In a nutshell, I think the new Sims 4 CAS is a huge improvement over previous iterations of the tool.  The art style is amazing and allows for both realistic and cartoony looking sims, and the clothing sorting and styles are way better than Sims 3.  It will make immediate gameplay a lot more satisfying, though I am still hoping for some deeper genetics for my legacy family, and I am saddened that there is still no story progression for other households in the neighborhood.


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