Favorites from the Community 7-27-2014

So many new sims are being posted all the time!  These are just a few that caught my eye.  I have posted their creator’s Origin ID, as well as their names, so hopefully you can find them!

2 1

Origin ID: natalietouch                                   Origin ID: tafferdog

Sim Name: Amanda Anderson                         Sim Name: Caitlin Stevens

3 4

Origin ID: TimelineSims                                  Origin ID: Kordula_99

Sim Name: Steve Rocks                                  Sim Name: Ken Lodovic

5 9

Origin ID: eliosim                                         Origin ID: necrovonk

Sim Name: Jasmine Richardson                      Sim Name: Daxia Lima

7 6

Origin ID: SharonGD                                       Origin ID: wtfwistle

Sim Name: James Brown                                 Sim Name: Julian Olmos

10 8

Origin ID: fido1126                                          Origin ID: April23Sims4

Sim Name: Cara Gramt                                    Sim Name: Zoe Starz


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