First Sims 4 Challenge

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my first challenge is going to be in the Sims 4.  I’m leaning toward attempting an update of the Four Sisters Challenge from Sims 3.  Since we don’t really know a lot about Sims 4 yet, I am going to have to start off with just base rules and modify them as I go along.

I don’t think my four girls will be sisters though, I think they will be goddesses.  Each goddess will be responsible for bringing up four gods or goddesses in her likeness.


Dandelion Sage


She is a goddess of nature and loves to make sure her family is strong and healthy.  Skills that fall under her realm are cooking, gardening, and fishing.

Cherry Blossom Sage


She is a goddess of the spirit, covering all mental and romantic aspects of sim nature.  Skills that fall under her realm are charisma. writing, and logic.

Summer Sage


Summer is the goddess of homemaking and relationships.  Skills associated with this goddess are furniture making and handiness.

Peppermint Sage


Peppermint is the goddess of creativity.  Skills that fall under her realm are painting and musical skills.

Here are my starting rules:

1. Goddesses are not allowed to hold down jobs.

2. Each goddess will bear 4 children to 4 different men of their choosing (twins will only count as 1).

3. Goddesses must complete their Aspiration before the last child is born to the last Goddess.

4. Children must gain 5 levels in a skill related to the Goddess they were born to.

5. Children must get good grades in school.

6. Each Child must have their Child, Teen, and Young Adult portraits painted before they are allowed to leave the house.

7. Each goddess must max out the skills associated with them.

Obviously all of this is up in the air until everything is confirmed in game, but I just wanted to put down a basis for my first Sims 4 Challenge!


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