Attempt at Hair Re-texture/Re-Color

I really hate this default hair texture for this particular hairstyle.  It seems to be of much lower quality than the other hair for some reason.  I tried to soften the highlights a bit, and I also lightened the color, because I didn’t like this color green for this particular hairstyle.

       EA Default                                                        Re-texture/Re-color

dkgreeneahair  ltgreenhairtxture

easidehair sidehair

eanewside newside

eaback backhair

My highlights need a little more work, and I’d like some darker colors to come through a little better, but overall I am pretty happy with it!  Here is a final closeup so you can see the strand colors a little better.




  • I was wondering if you were going to finish these? I also hate this texture, but I love the hair, but I don’t use it because the texture is so crazy.

    • I would have finished it a lot time ago if I could get hair recolors to work without being a complete pain in the butt!! As it is I have to spend hours fiddling with the packages to get them to work correctly. Hopefully the tools will be updated soon so this won’t be a problem! I’ll keep in mind that you would like to see that one re-textured in the basic hair colors!

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