5 Pleated Skirt Recolors!

*EDIT* These files have been updated and work as of 4/18/2015

Hi Guys!  I have five new skirt recolors for you, 4 darker brocade colors and one 5th bright flirty pattern ^.^

Download all 5 Recolors together in one package here:

5 Pleated Skirt Recolors Download

brocade1front brocadeback1

brocadefront brocadeback

brocade2front brocade2back

irisfront irisback

patternedfrontskirt patternedskirt



  • I like these a lot. Thanks!
    One question about the recoulors. Do they overwrite the default replacements you made earlier?

    • The Color Magic tool has been patched, so I went back and updated ALL of my CC from default replacements to fully functioning re-colors! (except for the hair, because it still has problems with the tool). Henceforth, everything I create will be a fully function Re-color, so no need to worry about default replacements any longer! If you download these and add them to your mods you will have all of the standard colors, and in addition you will also have these recolors! 🙂

      If you downloaded something from earlier, I would recommend deleting the old package file and downloading the new one (they can all be found on their original respective pages), as I have updated all of my old files to be fully functioning recolors instead of default replacements!

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