10 Frilly Shorts Recolors

*EDIT* These files have been updated and work as of 4/18/2015!

I really love these shorts a lot, but I really thought they needed to appear more lacy in texture! I kind of went overboard when recoloring them and I have some that look like lace and some that look sort of velvety.  So here you go!

Download them all together in one package here:

10 Frilly Shorts Recolors Download

goldenshorts goldenshortsfront

tanshorts tanshortsfront

icyblueshorts IcyBlueShortsFront

blueshortsfront brightblueshorts

pinkshortsfront pinkshorts

purpleshortsfront purpleshortsback

greenshortsfront greenshorts

redshortsfront redshorts

lightpinkshorts lightpinkshortsfront

lightpurpleshortsfront lightvioletshorts


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