Progress on Hair Recolors

Hey guys!  I’ve been hard at work trying to figure out how to generate hair recolors properly!

I’ve managed to get the recolors to work in my game, though I am still having problems with figuring out how to make a custom swatch for the recolored hair.

Here is my latest test, just for kicks!

greenhairback greenhairfront

It is definitely a recolor, it doesn’t replace anything, however, it just shows as a plain white swatch.  Hopefully I’ll be able to fix this in the future!

Here it is in case anyone needs some jolly green giant hair ^.^

Jolly Green Hair Download

I think over the next few days I am going to work on combining packages for recolors of the same item, so if people like all the recolors they can download it all in just one package file!



  • Really nice.! I love to see more. You and other creatures inspired me to do some experiments of my own. I finally succeeded in making a recolor that didn’t crash the demo. Then I saw you have CM in the little thumbails. So I wanted to ask you to make a tutorial just on that item, as it is obvious you have more knowledge on this matter. If you consider to do so, make lots of screenshots please. Pics say more than words. Thanks for all rhe good work sofar and congrats that you are on Joe’s blog now.

    • You know, I’ll have to play around a little more with the thumbnails,because I would really like them to match the items I make in game.

      The little CM is actually an option added by the Color Magic Tool, and I can certainly do a tutorial on that 🙂 I’d also like to include how to make the custom ones too, if I can figure it out!

      Give me over the weekend and I will try to put something together!

  • Somewere I read about the thumbnail, its format and the way you have to compress it. As I’ m on my phone I can’t look it up right now. I will send you a link later.

  • Srikandi715 on wrote (actually on a other matter)
    “…. Try this: in the current version of Color Magic, make sure to remove the bitmap swatch, and then re-add it. Then make a new custom swatch (32×32 px, saved as DXT1) and replace the IMG resource in S4PE….

    and on and then MyreMylar wrote : “……or fixing the swatch image in s4pe I’ve had success with using ‘replace…’ in the right click menu rather than the load image or load dds options. Make sure the replacement image is in the right format a 32×32 DDS. If the clothing/item you are starting with in ColourMagic already has an image swatch (more than just a colour) then don’t add/remove one in ColourMagic, that’s how you end up with two in s4pe. You only need to mess with adding a swatch image for clothing/items that don’t start with one……”

    So format is 32×32 px, saved as DXT1.

    It’s all bits and pieces of information, but I don’t see were to fit it in yet. Hopefully this information is handy for you.

    • Thank you for the info, that is actually really helpful!

      I was trying to work on switching out the swatch for some hair colors this weekend. What’s really odd is that not all of them seem to work (of the provided colors), requiring you to have to remake the package over and over again until you happen to select just the right one that does load properly.

      I may wait until the tool is updated after the full game is released to figure this out and post a tutorial. I have a feeling we only have some of the puzzle pieces right now, and that is making things difficult.

      Sometimes I try things and they won’t work, so I keep trying and suddenly they do, but I really have no idea why. I think it just has to do with a combination of naming the item, the code the item gets in the game, and whether the color swatches are loading properly, and possibly other factors I can’t nail down.

      I can tell you right now though that hair recolors are a pain in the butt. It took me probably 4 hours of testing to get the hairs I had already created to convert over to recolors. It was just very hit or miss if the package/swatch color/item name would work properly.

      I have had a lot more success with clothing though! and picking a color swatch for clothing seems to cause less problems then it does for hair recolors.

      But to get the CM in the swatch spot for your recolor, all you have to do is hit the ‘remove’ button (#1 in the diagram), and then the ‘add’ button(#2 in the diagram) on the last page of the Color Magic Tool. Then the little green CM swatch box should appear, which I circled!

      • Thanks! That’s really helpfull. Guess I get what you experience. Lots of trial and error as we know little. I just keep track on the fora mentioned before. F.i. Grant is a genious, created CC Magic for Sims 3. He and many others will be on this matter. Just be patient 😉 (not my strong side)

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