A Note on my CC and Full Game Compatibility

Hi Guys!

Just a quick note to let you know that ALL of the CC on this blog that was created and tested in the CAS Demo, has now been tested and is fully functional in the full version of the Sims 4!

Also, as of yesterday, I have updated the pages for individual recolor collections to include a package file that contains all of the recolors for that item in ONE package.  This will save you guys a lot of space, so feel free to take advantage of that!

Keep in mind that all of the items on this blog have also been converted to RECOLORS!  I have no intentions of making anything that is default replacement.  Originally I was limited to making default replacement items because of the tools available, but again all items have since been converted to fully functioning recolors!  No need to worry about my items replacing anything in your game ^.^

Happy Simming!


The Simsperience



  • I hate default replacement (not because you don’t like it and want to get rid of it that others want to, which is sad because sometimes people made really nice things but yeah) so thank you so much for making them recolors! I’ll look forward to dl everything once I get the game!

  • Awesome! You’re my favorite, Simsperience!

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