8 Flirty and Fun Halter Top Recolors!


*EDIT* These files have been tested and work as of 4/18/2015!

Hey guys!  I love this halter top, and it definitely needed to be in print, so I did 8 recolors of it ^.^  Enjoy and happy simming guys!

Download all 8 recolors in one package file here:

8 Flirty and Fun Halter Top Recolors!


Or download them individually by clicking on the links below!

Colorful Print Download

colorfulback colorfulfront


Fruit Stripe Download

fruitstripeback fruitstripefront


Leafy Design Download

Leafyback leafyfront


Squares Download

pinkandorangeback pinkandorangefront


Plaid Download

Plaidback plaidfront


Rainbow Download

rainbowback rainbowfront


Rainbow Stripe Download

rainbowstripeback rainbowstripefront


Sequins Download

sequinsback sequinsfront



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