12 Hoodie Recolors (for Men)!

*EDIT* These files have been tested and work as of 4/18/2015!

Hey guys, I said I would do men next, so here are 12 recolored hoodies for the guys!


Download all 12 recolors combined into one package here:

12 Hoodie Recolors Download!


Or individually by clicking on the links below!

Abominable Snowman Download

abomback abomfront


Bacon and Eggs Download

eggsandbaconback Eggsandbaconfront


Copy Cats Download

Copycatsback Copycatsfront


Dinosaur Skating Download

skatingdinoback skatingdinofront


Frog Download

frogback frogfront


Giraffe Riding Shark Download (Why?…I have no idea ^.^)

girafferidingsharkback girafferidingsharkfront


Lego Download

legoback legofront


Monsters Download

monsterback monsterfront


Pizza Download

pizzaback pizzafront


Sleeping Sushi Download

sleepingsushiback sleepingsushifront


Watermelon Download

watermelonback watermelonfront 


Wolf Download

wolfback wolffront



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