10 Zipped Hoodie Recolors (For Kids)!

*EDIT* These files have been tested and work as of 4/18/2015!

Hey guys!  Today I have 10 recolored hoodies for kids!  Keep in mind these are unisex, so they appear for both boys and girls!


Download all 10 recolors combined together in one package here:

10 Zipped Hoodie Recolors (For Kids) Download


Or individually by clicking on the links below!

Ballerina Download

ballerinaback ballerinafront


Bears Download

bearsback bearsfront


Cat and Moon Download

catandmoonback catandmoonfront


Cow and Moon Download

cowback cowfront


Dinosaur Download

dinosaurback dinosaurfront


Ice Cream Download

icecreamback icecreamfront


Owl With Scarf Download

owlback owlfront


Robot With Bird Download

robotback robotfront


Tiger Cub Download

tigercubback tigercubfront


Two Cats Download

twocatsback twocatsfront



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