7 Leather Jacket/Tee Recolors (For Men)!

*EDIT* These files have been tested and work as of 4/18/2015!

Hey guys, I was having trouble with this one, so only 7 plain recolors tonight.  I really liked how the white and tan coats looked, so I decided to do them with different T-Shirt colors!  I’ll probably do some pants to go with these tomorrow ^.^


Download all 7 recolors combined into one package here:

7 Leather Jacket/Tee Recolors Download

Or download individually by clicking on the links below!

Light Blue Download

lightblueblueback lightbluebluefront

Tan/Brown Download

tanbrownback tanbrownfront

Tan/Green Download

tangreenback tangreenfront

Tan/Teal Download

tantealback tantealfront

White/Blue Download

whiteblueback whitebluefront

White/Red Download

whiteredback whiteredfront

White/Teal Download

whitetealback whitetealfront


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