12 Sports Bra/Shorts Combo Recolors!

Hey guys!  I didn’t like the grey trim on a lot of the exercise gear, so I did a bunch of recolors that I thought looked much better!  The sports bra’s also look excellent with leggings, etc ^.^!

*EDIT* These files have been tested and work as of 4/18/2015!

*Fixed* The download for teal shorts was accidentally linked to the teal sports bra, but it has now been fixed!!


Download all 12 recolors (both tops and bottoms) combined together in one package here:

12 Sports Bra/Shorts Combo Recolors Download


Or individually by clicking on the links below!

Black Sports Bra Download

Black Shorts Download

blackback blackfront


White Sports Bra Download

White Shorts Download

whiteback whitefront


Purple Sports Bra Download

Purple Shorts Download

purpleback purplefront


Teal Sports Bra Download

Teal Shorts Download

tealback tealfront


Blue Sports Bra Download

Blue Shorts Download

bluefront blueback


Yellow Sports Bra Download

Yellow Shorts Download

yellowback yellowfront


Pink Sports Bra Download

Pink Shorts Download

pinkfront pinkback


Green Sports Bra Download

Green Shorts Download

greenback greenfront


Red Sports Bra Download

Red Shorts Download

redback redfront


Lines Sports Bra Download

Lines Shorts Download

linesback linesfront 


Stripes Sports Bra Download

Stripes Shorts Download

stripesback stripesfront


Mushroom Sports Bra Download

Mushroom Shorts Download

mushroomback mushroomfront




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