12 Cocktail Dress/Legging Recolor Combos!

*EDIT* These files have been tested and work as of 4/18/2015!

Hey guys!  I really like this dress as more of a shirt/dress thing, so I made it into a bunch of cool patterns!  I made matching leggings for each pattern, but feel free to mix and match as you feel necessary!!  They look good with a lot of the other items in the game, and also my legging recolors and my recolored pumps!


Download all 12 cocktail dress/legging combos combined into one package here:

12 Cocktail Dress/Legging Recolor Combo Download

Or download individually by clicking on the links below!

Brush Dress Download

Brush Leggings Download

brushback brushfront

Circles Dress Download

Circles Leggings Download

Circlesback circlesfront

Clocks Dress Download

Clocks Leggings Download (Very Dark Navy)

clocksback clocksfront

Colorful Spots Dress Download

Colorful Spots Leggings Download

colorfulspotsback colorfulspotsfront

Midnight Black Dress Download

Midnight Black Leggings Download

blackback blackfront

Peach Floral Dress Download

Peach Floral Leggings Download

peachfloralback peachfloralfront

Red Dress Download

Red Leggings Download

redfront redback

Ribbons Dress Download

Ribbons Leggings Download

Ribbonsback ribbonsfront

Squares Dress Download

Squares Leggings Download

squaresback squaresfront

Stripes Dress Download

Stripes Leggings Download

stripesback stripesfront

Spots Dress Download

Midnight Black Leggings Download

spotsback spotsfront

Tan Floral Dress Download

Tan Floral Leggings Download

tanfloralback tanfloralfront



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