95 Skin Overlay Colors for Children and Adults

Hi guys!  I’ve been working very hard on a project near and dear to my own heart (I was working on this all day yesterday which is why I didn’t post any additional items yesterday)!  I LOVE playing with colorful sims, and I dearly miss my skin sliders from the Sims 3.  I have not figured out how to make additional skins, but thanks to Ginny from (MySimpleSimblr) I was able to figure out how to make skin overlays using the full face freckles slot.  Credit goes to her for the idea of skin overlays, as it is not something I would have figured out on my own.

I have made 95 different skin color overlays for both adults and children!

95 Skin Overlays Banner

These are the 95 different skin tones on just 1 of the Sims 4 Skin Colors!  I put a red square around the skin tone I used in the picture below.  That means there are an additional 17 skin colors available for you to put these skin color overlays on!  Overall that is 1710 different skin shades!1

I was also able to isolate and fix the problem with the skin color overlay also overlaying teeth, eyelashes, and any accessories.  As you can see below, the skin overlay no longer affects accessories or the teeth or eyelashes!!  Also, you can see all muscle tones/fatness levels on all 95 different skin overlays.


So what do you need to know?  These skin overlays appear with their appropriate color swatches under Skin Details, where you would find the full face freckles! I have put red squares around the location in the picture below.  All 95 skin color overlays work on both genders as well as children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders!


So what has happened to your freckles?  Have no fear, I have included both full face and nose freckles under the lip mole detail.  This means you won’t be able to use the lip mole and the freckles AND the skin overlay together.  However, it DOES mean that you can use the skin overlays with freckles (at least in adults!).  I have put a red box around where to find the freckles in the picture below (they will appear with my little TS Icons).


So where can you find the matching childrens skin overlays?  You can find them under skin details, just as you do with adult sims (I have put a red box around the location in the picture below)!  Just a note with the children skin overlays, you have to choose between a fancy skin color and freckles…there was nowhere else to put the skin color overlays!  Children don’t have any other facial details, makeup, or tattoo slots that I could have maybe used instead.  I really wanted to be able to make colorful children though, so I made that sacrifice.


Also, just in case you have any problems with the default nose freckles showing up as an option, I have included a childrens nose freckles file along with the skin colors, which I have outlined below in red (again, sorry, but you have to choose between freckles or skin color with the children).


I know these skin overlays don’t make up for fully working genetics, but until we do have those options available, I have just been making due with rolling a dice for what skin color overlay the child should have.  1-2 they get an overlay near mom’s skin color, 3-4 they get an overlay inbetween mom and dad’s skin color, 5-6 they get an overlay near dad’s skin color.

I just use Random.Org’s Dice Roller to accomplish this!

Also, just be aware, at this time there is no way to change the skin color of the babies, you just have to wait until they age up to children!

Download all 95 Skin overlay colors combined into one handy dandy package here:

95 Skin Overlays for Adults and Children Download

Download the 3 freckle replacements (1 for child, 2 for adult) combined in the package here:

3 Freckles Fixes for the 95 Skin Overlays Download

Again, just a reminder, they are the default EA full face and nose freckles, I have just changed which slot you can find them under!

I personally tested all 95 Skin Overlays, and the big combo package, and everything seems to be working as intended!  Please let me know if you come across any unforeseen problems with these skin overlays!  If you guys are interested in smaller packages of skin overlays, please let me know, for now it was easiest for me to just combine them all into one package!

As always, please credit me if you use my skin overlays as a template to do your own, don’t claim my work as your own, and don’t upload to anywhere else without my permission.  Feel free to reblog/repost to your heart’s content though!

Please enjoy, and happy simming!  Feel free to post a comment or link to screenshots of these skin overlays in action!  I want to see your sims! 🙂


Some people with smaller screens/laptops were having problems seeing all 95 colors, so I came up with a smaller package of 59 skin colors that can be downloaded below!  I picked a variety of colors from the 95 shown above!

Download all 59 Skin overlay colors combined into one handy dandy package here:

59 Skin Overlays for Adults and Children Download

You can find the post for 59 skin overlay colors here:

*Update* Smaller 59 Color Version of 95 Skin Overlay Colors for Children and Adults




  • Can you include a download of just the natural colors? I’d like to try your overlays but Berry sims aren’t my gameplay style.

    • I can do the white brown and black packages separately, if that works. Unfortunately the light reds and oranges would be difficult to separate out. I’ll try to combine the more natural packages and post that!

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  • -squeals- OMG thank you, this is fantastic. Amazing job! 😀

  • Hello! Hate to sound like a ninny here (I totally am) but I can’t seem to get this to show up in my game~ and I’m pretty positive it’s on my end but I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing wrong. All I need to do is put this into the Mod folder correct? I’ve done that, and it’s not showing up, despite being listed in the intro list. Thanks in advance, and I just love these overlay! 🙂 Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    • Well, we’ll see if we can’t get it straightened out!

      You just download the package files as they are and add them to the mods folder which is Start–>Documents–>Electronic Arts–>The Sims 4–>Mods. Be sure to leave the resource.cfg file in the mods folder, because it needs to be there to work! Remember that they will be appearing under skin details, full face freckles, and NOT in the skin area!! They are just skin color overlays, not actual skin colors at this point in time!

  • I can only see 38 of the custom color overlays from the picture on my browser. Probably because I have an integrated graphics card or something. The others look all staticy and messed up.

  • Hey I had a question. I am trying your skins out in my game and I noticed that any makeup or other skin detail pretty much blends in with your overlay(even if it is the darkest color of eye shadow, blush, etc). Is that something happening in your game or is it just mine? Thanks for any info 🙂

    • It also effects tattoos for me

    • If you notice, this actually happens with the official EA skin colors too 🙂 Especially the Blue and Green Skins. The only way I’ve found to get around it is to use CC makeup, as they tend to make it a lot more opaque and it stands out a lot more on the colorful sims. The problem with the skin overlay is that it is indeed an overlay, and to get the brighter colors, I needed to reduce the transparency of the overlay. Still have no idea why it doesn’t affect eyeliner though. I was going to experiment with making some of my own makeup to see if I could sort of counter-balance the effect of the overlay.

    • Let me test a few things though, because I have an idea, at least in regards to the makeup!

      • Awe thank you, you’re so kind ^-^ I hope you don’t go through too much trouble since you’ve already worked so hard at bringing us these amazing overlays 🙂

  • Well if you look at my latest post, you’ll see what I came up with! I only got as far as lipstick, but I will experiment with some of the eyeshadows/blush as well!

  • I downloaded the two new skin and freckle overlays but Windows can’t find a program to let them both open with. I have a Mods folder all ready for them. I have my Sims 4 in D drive if that helps.

    • You don’t need to open it 🙂 all you do is place the package file directly into the mods folder! The file is all 95 skin overlays COMBINED into ONE package 🙂 This is so that it will load faster in your game!

  • I have a question – I want these skins, but there is also another skin that I want from another maker but that also uses the full-face freckles, would these two conflict?

    • They should not conflict. The fact that they share the same slot (Full Face Freckles) only means that you can only use one skin or the other at a time (not both at the same time). 🙂

    • Me again, when I put one of the colours on my sim, some hairstyles, clothing items etc icons go missing from the menus, and it just leaves a blank space where they should be. Any idea on how to fix that? (I will try to get a screenshot later)

      • Hmm…I haven’t had that problem in my game, so yes, if you could get a screen shot that would be great! Is it any color that does it, or just one in particular?

  • First of all, thank you for these. I adore them! However, I am having a slight problem. When I open the colour swatch thing, I cannot see all the colours, seeing as it goes off the bottom of the screen. I believe it goes down to 12 rows (allowing me to see 60 colours) and I can’t see the other 35. Any help/suggestions? x

    • Hmm…that is odd! Maybe make the screen resolution smaller if you can manage, maybe just during CAS? Are you playing on a laptop with a small screen?

      As you can see from my screenshots, all of the colors do fit on my screen (though they extend far below the boxes). But I am playing the game on max settings so I am not sure if that is making the difference..

    • Otherwise, I can maybe try to put together a smaller collection of skin colors, eliminating some of the more similar ones, just to make it easier!

      • The most I could do by changing the screen resolution was add an extra row (so 13 rows, 65 colours). I am playing on a laptop – no idea what the screen size is. It’s not a major problem, seeing as there is a wide range of colours, but if you could put together a small collection, that would be brilliant!

      • ok, I will try to work on that sometime this weekend! 🙂

  • Posting my problem down here because I can’t seem to reply to my post above

    Ok, so here is what is happening: http://i.imgur.com/zoIhvkP.jpg
    This happens to other hairstyles, clothing items, some makeup etc.

    I’ve tested it out, and I think I’ve found out what causes them to disappear.
    It’s not the colours, it’s hovering over them. When you just hover over the full face freckle icon where the colours are, this will happen. I think it’s because of the amount of colours there are (and how small my screen res is as I am using a laptop).
    I’m guessing my screen res is playing a part in this as everyone else seems to have no problems with it.
    I might test this out with other cc, see if it happens then.

    Like above, if you could make a smaller version of these colours, that would be cool 🙂

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  • for some reason it says Installer Param Name Is Missing

    • I’m not sure why that would be. They all work fine in my game, so I’m not sure what to say except maybe try downloading it again? Make sure the resource.cfg file is in the mods folder.

  • *sadface* I still haven’t been able to figure out why it’s doing that.

    • well I am making a smaller package of colors this weekend, so you can try that one, once I make it 🙂 Hopefully that one will work for you! Just curious though, when exactly does it give you that error message? When you open the game?

  • when I go to click it down the bottom of my screen after it finishes downloading, that is when it pops up. i’m guessing something is wrong with winzip?

    • oh, you don’t actually need to open the file! You just put the file as is into the mods folder! It is all 95 skin color overlays COMBINED into ONE package. 🙂 No unpacking necessary!

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  • Truly epic work on this one!!

  • I love your work, but there is another problem I am having. I made three sims with the lavendar overlay and each time I try to load them in the game it crashes. If I remove the overlays will that just take that off or will it ruin the three sims?

  • Epic work! Thank you so much from italy!

  • Hello! I absolutely love these overlays. They are essentials for my sims! I’m wondering if you could upload a version as a mole? That way it will go underneath my skin details and not over it. This would be amazing for me, since as it is, the overlays override my skin enhancements. Again, wonderful work!

  • Will you make pitch black skin?

  • I’m having problems installing this. The package shows up in my installed mods at start, I have the freckles installed, but no colors in face nor body skin tones. Am I just dense?

    • They still work in my game. Unfortunately, without having your computer in front of me I can’t really help you trouble shoot. 😦

    • I had the same problem and found out that one of my other CC skin details was the problem! I removed Nilou’s face overlay (NILOU_MMFaceOverlay.package) and now the skin overlays works. 🙂 Hope it helps!

  • Is there a downloadable one for Mac? Or do you know of an application I can get on Mac to be able to use this?? I’m trying to make the simpsons lol

  • Thanks so much. However when u click on all the pink shades they go either blue or purple.

    • They are overlays, so it depends on what skin color you have beneath them. This is not a problem I can fix. Any more overlay and the shades will completely cover all makeup and tattoos, and leave no skin details on the skin.

  • Is there any chance of getting these skins to work after the latest patch? It seems to have broken the other skintone mods I was using, and I attempted to download these, but after loading in my mods folder they don’t seem to be working either. Any tips are appreciated. (note: I still have my previously used colored skins in my mod folder, even though they seem to be broken right now. Should I remove those to get your skins to load correctly?)

    • These skins are actually makeup overlays and should still be working for you (the last patch did break skins, but technically these are not skins). If you downloaded the other versions of my skins that are actually genetic and function as skins, you will need to have the most recent version for them to work.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been trying to get these to work most of the day, but I don’t see the options anywhere (including the areas you said they would be listed above). Is there some setting I should change on the gameplay options, or do I need to add anything extra to the resource file?

      • I don’t know, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working.

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