30 Lipstick Overlays that work with the 95 Skin Color Overlays!

Hey guys!  Someone pointed out to me that the makeup doesn’t work very well with the skin color overlays, so I have been fiddling around with a way to get makeup to apply properly above the skin color overlays.  I think I managed to find at least a temporary work-around for this problem!


These lipstick colors appear under the lip mole skin detail.  I have put a little letter L in the color box so you can differentiate these as lip colors in case I add any other types of makeup!


One thing I noticed is that since I converted the mole file into a lipstick file, I don’t get the same sheen I would normally get with an EA lip color.  This is solved by going to makeup and selecting a lipstick color (any will do).  You can see in the picture below that once an EA lipstick color is selected, the ‘glossy’ part of the lips appears.

11 12

From here you can go and select your lipcolor from the Skin Details –> Lip Mole section:


These colors will vary based on the skin color overlay.  It seems like some of the skin colors overlay the makeup, while other ones don’t.  I haven’t been able to pinpoint why this is. For now, I guess it works.  Hopefully I can improve it in the future!


I tried to pick a wide variety of lip colors to work with all the different skin color overlays!  If you guys have any problems with them, or suggestions, let me know!



I will continue to work on figuring out how makeup works, and hopefully I can bring you guys more choices in the future!  Those of you wanting to use these on normal skin colors, just wait until tomorrow!  I plan on uploading these as actual appropriate lipstick colors!


As always, don’t upload these anywhere else without my permission, but feel free to repost/retweet to your heart’s content so long as you give me credit for my work!


Download all 30 Lipstick Overlays combined into one package file here:

30 Lipstick Overlays that work with the 95 Skin Color Overlays Download



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