*Update* Smaller 59 Color Version of 95 Skin Overlay Colors for Children and Adults

Those of you with laptops were, in some cases, struggling to see all 95 colors on your screens, so I have made a smaller skin color overlay package that is made up of 59 of the original 95 skin colors.

I’m too lazy to take pictures of all of the skin colors again, but I picked a variety from each color range shown below.

95 Skin Overlays Banner

I put a red square around the skin tone I used in the picture below.  That means there are an additional 17 skin colors available for you to put these skin color overlays on!1

I was also able to isolate and fix the problem with the skin color overlay also overlaying teeth, eyelashes, and any accessories.  As you can see below, the skin overlay no longer affects accessories or the teeth or eyelashes!!  Also, you can see all muscle tones/fatness levels on all 59 different skin overlays.


So what do you need to know?  These skin overlays appear with their appropriate color swatches under Skin Details, where you would find the full face freckles! I have put red squares around the location in the picture below.  All 59 skin color overlays work on both genders as well as children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders!


So what has happened to your freckles?  Have no fear, I have included both full face and nose freckles under the lip mole detail.  This means you won’t be able to use the lip mole and the freckles AND the skin overlay together.  However, it DOES mean that you can use the skin overlays with freckles (at least in adults!).  I have put a red box around where to find the freckles in the picture below (they will appear with my little TS Icons).


So where can you find the matching childrens skin overlays?  You can find them under skin details, just as you do with adult sims (I have put a red box around the location in the picture below)!  Just a note with the children skin overlays, you have to choose between a fancy skin color and freckles…there was nowhere else to put the skin color overlays!  Children don’t have any other facial details, makeup, or tattoo slots that I could have maybe used instead.  I really wanted to be able to make colorful children though, so I made that sacrifice.


Also, just in case you have any problems with the default nose freckles showing up as an option, I have included a childrens nose freckles file along with the skin colors, which I have outlined below in red (again, sorry, but you have to choose between freckles or skin color with the children).


I know these skin overlays don’t make up for fully working genetics, but until we do have those options available, I have just been making due with rolling a dice for what skin color overlay the child should have.  1-2 they get an overlay near mom’s skin color, 3-4 they get an overlay inbetween mom and dad’s skin color, 5-6 they get an overlay near dad’s skin color.

I just use Random.Org’s Dice Roller to accomplish this!

Also, just be aware, at this time there is no way to change the skin color of the babies, you just have to wait until they age up to children!

Download all 59 Skin overlay colors combined into one handy dandy package here:

59 Skin Overlays for Adults and Children Download

Download the 3 freckle replacements (1 for child, 2 for adult) combined in the package here:

3 Freckles Fixes for the 95 Skin Overlays Download

Again, just a reminder, they are the default EA full face and nose freckles, I have just changed which slot you can find them under!

I personally tested all 59 Skin Overlays, and the big combo package, and everything seems to be working as intended!  Please let me know if you come across any unforeseen problems with these skin overlays!  If you guys are interested in smaller packages of skin overlays, please let me know, for now it was easiest for me to just combine them all into one package!

As always, please credit me if you use my skin overlays as a template to do your own, don’t claim my work as your own, and don’t upload to anywhere else without my permission.  Feel free to reblog/repost to your heart’s content though!

Please enjoy, and happy simming!  Feel free to post a comment or link to screenshots of these skin overlays in action!  I want to see your sims! 🙂



Please refer to my previous post on these skin color overlays if you want all 95 colors!

Previous Post on 95 Skin Color Overlays


  • Thank you!!!!

  • Hooray! I’m so excited! I realized since my computer has limited graphics capability at this point (ie. integrated), I deleted all of my previous mods – i had a lot – and added only a few that I knew were updated, including this smaller overlay package. It worked! Now I can recolor my original families (one was yellow and the other was purple) that began with colored skintones…and use it to make all of my sims a bit brigthter. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! *dances in circles with arms in the air*

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