12 Halter Top w/Cowl Back Recolors!

*EDIT* These files have been tested and work as of 4/18/2015!

Hey Guys,

I have been extremely busy remodeling the house with my husband, but I wanted to put these up for you today!  I thought this top needed a few more colors/patterns!



Download all 12 recolors combined into one package file here:

12 Halter Top w/Cowl Back Recolors Download


Or download individually by clicking on the links below!

Black Top Download

blackfront blackback


Clocks Top Download

clockfront clocksback


Clouds Top Download

cloudsfront cloudsback


Cream Top Download

Creamfront creamback


Floral Top Download

floralfront floralback


Music Top Download

notesfront notesback




Navy Top Download

navyfront navyback


Navy Leaves Top Download

navyleavesfront navyleavesback


Purple Pattern Download

purplefront purpleback


Sequins Top Download

sequinsfront sequinsback


Triangle Top Download

trianglefront triangleback


White Top Download

whitefront whiteback



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