10 Zipped Hoodie Recolors!

Hey Guys!  I am finally done working crazy overtime hours for awhile.  Thank you to those of you who are patient and understanding!  I hope everyone understands why I have to put the real job that pays me money in front of the job I like, which is making CC for the Sims!

Today I have 10 Zipped Hoodie Recolors for you guys!  I needed some more variety in this, mostly solid colors, so here you are!


Download all 10 recolors combined into one file here:

10 Zipped Hoodie Recolors Download

Or download individually by clicking on the links below!

Large Stripe Download

widestripeback widestripefront


Lime Green Download

greenback greenfront


Midnight Black Download

midnightblackback blackfront


Orange Download

orangeback orangefront


Pale Blue Download

lightblueback bluefront


Purple Download

purpleback purplefront


Red Download

redback redfront


Roses Download

rosesback rosesfront


Snow White Download

whiteback whitefront


White Owl Download

whiteowlback whiteowlfront



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