My Apologies

First off, I apologize for my long and abrupt absence.  It was wrong to just leave and not inform any of you if/when I would be coming back.

Around the Beginning of October it became pretty clear to me that in posting new items every day, I had bitten off way more than I could possibly chew.  Simply put, I burned myself out.  Maintaining this site had become a full time job, and that was in addition to my rl job!  I’m not a slacker, but something had to give, and because I didn’t want this website or my work to suffer, it meant everything else in my life was suffering.

I was also frustrated with the lack of development in tools for modding the sims, requests for help, and the state of the Sims 4 forums (which is still pretty toxic these days).  I’m just a player/long time Sims lover, and I’ve worked very hard to try to learn enough skills to make solid custom content.  I appreciate feedback on my CC, and notification if links are not working, or items are not appearing in games like they should, but people ask me all the time why stuff does/does not work on their computer, and most of the time I can’t give you an answer.  CC is really the art of trial and error.  All I can really do is encourage you to learn as much about it as you can, and go from there.

After I recovered from my burn-out, I started making small items for myself again.  I was too embarrassed to return at first.  I thought maybe it would be better just to stay gone.  The only thing that really convinced me to return was all of the encouraging comments you guys left, waiting on me.  That and the idea that if I am making fully functioning CC, it is a waste not to post it and share it with you guys.

So here is the deal.  I’m going to continue to make/post custom content for The Sims 4, but it is going to be on my own schedule.  This means I am only going to work on things and post them when I want to.  This is what I can live with, and hopefully so can you.

I will focus on maintaining existing content above making new content.  This means making sure everything I’ve made is fully functioning after patches.

All of the positive comments and encouragement really meant a lot to me, and proved to me that it was the wrong decision to just leave.  So here I am.  Again, I hope those of you still checking the site can find it within yourselves to forgive me for my foolish behavior. In the future, if I plan on leaving for an extended period of time, I will post it and notify all of you.

Happy Simming to all of you!







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