*FIXED* 99 Fully Functioning Custom Skin Colors

*UPDATED*  These files have been updated here!  If you choose to use the files linked below, know that the genetics will not work properly with all of the skin colors.  Go to the updated page to download fully functioning files!


Alright folks, all 99 skin colors have been fixed from the recent patch break!  Be warned that they may break again when GTW comes out, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

I’ve spent all night working on these, so please let me know if there are any problems.  I did test the packages in my game to make sure they were appearing and working, and they seem fine.

Previous page and info for use linked here.

You’ll find the downloads below!



You can download one package that contains all 99 Fully Functioning Custom Skin Colors by clicking the link below!


99 Fully Functioning Custom Skin Colors


Or you can pick and choose, downloading them in color groups of 5 by clicking the links below (Picture above the link is the colors included in that link)!


Colors 1-5



Colors 6-10



Colors 11-15



Colors 16-20



Colors 21-25



Colors 26-30



Colors 31-35



Colors 36-40



Colors 41-45



Colors 46-50



Colors 51-55



Colors 56-60



Colors 61-65



Colors 66-70



Colors 71-75



Colors 76-80



Colors 81-85



Colors 86-90



Colors 91-95



Colors 96-99



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  • Thank you! ❤ Love these so much. 🙂

  • It’s not working for me… 😦

    • I’m using them in game right now, so I don’t know what to say besides the usual which is double check that it is in the right place, and test it alone, with no other CC. Also, if you haven’t patched your game, they won’t work. I updated them to work with the patch.

      • I have the latest update… I will try them with no other cc and see what happens, and let you know if it doesn’t work.. I would really like to be able to use these in my game.

  • Hello, thank you for those skin colors, my neighborhood looks like a rainbow and I just love it.
    I just have a quick question, if the mother has a base game pale skin and the father one of your colorful one, will their children be anywher between the two or will they take only one of those two colors ?

    • It seems to give slightly less variation for whatever reason (It seems more likely to pick the color halfway in-between both parents over and over). But when randomizing I saw both children with my colorful skin, and with normal tones, so yes, I believe it is still picking a color in between the two parents!

  • Still not working. Was really looking forward to this too…. 😦

    • Yeah, I’m not sure what to say. I’ve been using them in game and they work fine for me, so I can’t really troubleshoot a problem that I’m not having.

  • Would a version that doesn’t show up on random townies be possible? Just for your sims?

    • The only way I know of to make skin tones not appear on townies is to make the colors skin overlays that take the place of a skin detail. I’ve already made skin color overlays that do this (although they also overlay makeup and tattoos, which there is nothing I can do about). So no, there really is no good way to disable them for townies. You either have them in and working for all sims, or not at all (unless you want to put up with the overlays).

  • Any way to use these alongside other CC? I tested alone, worked awesome. Threw my other CC on, not working. :<

    • I would try to figure out which CC is conflicing (i.e. take out half your CC and see if the conflict still exists, and keep dividing it down till you figure it out). I currently have custom makeup, eyes, eyelashes, and hairs installed and they are working fine for me, so I’m not sure what to tell you.

      It is probably one piece of CC that you have that is conflicting with my files, but I have no way of knowing what it is. But I’m pretty sure what you are describing is a conflict between two or more CC items.

  • alwaysl00king2

    It appears after the last set of updates to TS4, that Townies still spawn different colors ok, but when a baby SIM is born and one of the SIMs parents are not a standard TS4 color, the Child will turn out either White, or one of the standard colors (if one of the parent SIMS are a standard color) When I say White, I mean the color White, not the caucasion white.

    I don’t use any hair MODS (and I don’t see where this mod would affect hair), but the majority of the baby SIMS have bright red hair, no matter what the parents have. I didn’t have these issues before the last patch. Not sure if it is this mod making things go haywire. I do use the woohoo mods from modthesims. -AL2 (PS, thank you for making this mod, I have really enjoyed it)

    • I tested it out in game, and for me the skins still seem to be functioning normally. You will tend to get more normal colors if ‘between’ the two parent colors happens to fall into the normal skin color blocks.

      I use hair mods, so I can’t really speak as to the color of the hair. I’ll keep testing it, but it may be that another mod is causing favoritism in skin color.

  • Thanks for the update, I cleared Cache in Origin and TS4 and still have the same issue. I will check with the other Mod creator to see if there is a conflict between the two mods. Again, thanks 🙂

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