Status of Get to Work Expansion and CC!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on CC and the Get to Work expansion!

If you haven’t been keeping up, there have been a lot of issues with CC and the patch prior to Get to Work.  This was due to reorganization of some of the coding for the inclusion of aliens! This is what has caused all of the problems with CC not working, etc.

If you want to read more about it, here is the post addressing the issue and what they plan on doing about it in the official forums (they will release a patch to roll back all of the changes that caused the issues in the first place to make sure our CC still works properly, so we just have to wait for the patch).  When this rollback occurs, it may be that I will need to post the custom skin files from before I updated them!  But I still have them, so never fear, I will re-post them again if need be.

My recently updated 99 custom skin colors still seem to be in working order with the release of the Get to Work expansion pack! I have noticed there is a slight problem with the genetics of some of the colors (I’ve mostly noticed it with the red shades, please let me know if you notice it with any others). What happens is that the children of a sim with red skin paired with any other skin color will result in a pale purple skin, EVERY TIME.  Most of the colors seem to be working fine, resulting in many different colored children, but I may have to do some repackaging to get the misbehaving shades to function properly.

It is interesting to note that any child born to an alien/human parent combo seems to always have the alien skin color!  I foresee alien skin color CC in my future ^.^

This won’t happen until this weekend when hopefully I will have more time to delve into the issue!

I am so excited for the Get to Work expansion, and I know you guys are too, so happy simming everyone!






  • Hey could you make new clothes for aliens, i.e. sexy fullbody suits for them that look somewhat like the ones in the game already? Thanks

    • I’m more skilled at recolors than at making new items from scratch. So I’m going to say probably not. Though they did discover you can use the mannequins to redress your sims in any human clothes you want!

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