6 New Fully Functioning Alien Skintones!

Hey Guys, I took a break from fixing the genetics in my 99 human skin color files to work on some new alien skin colors!  As far as I have tested these are fully functional in game and will inherit to human/alien children properly!  I will probably release more of these if there is further interest!


Download all 6 fully functioning alien skintones combined into one package by clicking below:

6 Fully Functioning Alien Skintones (Purple-Pink and Orange Combined)

Or by individual color group by clicking the links below:

3 Fully Functioning Alien Orange SkinTone Colors


3 Fully Functioning Alien Purple-Pink Skin Tone Colors




  • These are awesome! 😀 *downloads* I would definitely be interested in more colors!

  • Yessss. I would be interested in more colors, definitely! Maybe a deep red color? The alien colors are a little limited at present haha. 😉 Great job on these.

  • Awesome ! Exactly what I was looking for ! I was already a huge fan of what you did with the other 99 Fully Functioning Custom Skin Colors that I wanted to apply on my Alien Sims, so I’m very grateful you did that 6 colors to them and would be more happy if there’ll be more ! Please ! Do it ! I would like to have all the colors you did for humans but espcially the green one from TS2 alien have 🙂

  • I love this! I hope you make more skintones! So, when a colorful normal sim that has your 63 improved color skintones has a baby with one of these sims with these colors, will it they baby have a color in between the two colors of the parents? Also, I was going to use this “Beam me up scottie” alien skintone blend, that will default the skintones. Does this mean these colors will still work but with that skinblend? Sorry if im asking a really odd question, I’m just making sure!

    • The baby will have a color that is somewhere inbetween both parents, yes! I downloaded that alien skin overlay and it seems to be working fine with my alien skintones!

      No worries about the questions. Glad you are enjoying the content!

  • Thank you so much for answering my question! Now i know alien’s can’t use skin details, so how did you unlock that? Is there a way to do that?

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