*IMPROVED* 63 Custom Skin Colors!

*Note* These files are FULLY functional with the GTW expansion, that’s the whole reason I updated these files yet again! I tested them extensively within my game which is fully updated and patched as of 4/12/2015.

Hi guys!  So after the latest patch/expansion, I noticed the genetics were not working completely in my custom skin color files, even after editing them. To get the genetics working properly again with the custom skin colors, I ended up having to re-make all of the files from scratch.  The old skin colors will still work with these new skin colors in case you don’t want to get rid of them (but the genetics with the old colors will still be messed up).

You will find them organized like in the red square below!


When remaking the files I took this as an opportunity to improve upon the colors. I tried to eliminate the really dark and really light shades, and only keep the colors that look nice in game!  This resulted in less skin colors, but a more cohesive collection of colors, I think!  These files are fully functioning and will produce colorful sims both in offspring of your sims, and in randomly generated townies! 63SkinColors Download all 63 Improved Custom Skin Colors combined into one package by clicking the link below:

63 Improved Custom Skin Colors! *Fixed 5/4/2014* 1 light blue skin color wasn’t working properly

I’ve also included one really dark color and two really light colors as stand alone packages, since not everyone wants them in their game!


Black Skin Color



Silver Skin Color



White Skin Color

Download groups of colors individually by clicking on the links below!


Colors 1-3



Colors 4-6



Colors 7-9



Colors 10-12



Colors 13-15



Colors 16-18



Colors 19-21



Colors 22-24 *Fixed 5/4/2015*



Colors 25-27



Colors 28-30



Colors 31-33


Colors 34-36



Colors 37-39




Colors 40-42



Colors 43-45



Colors 46-48



Colors 49-51



Colors 52-54



Colors 55-57



Colors 58-60



Colors 61-63




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  • Hello 🙂 I love your amazing work and your custom skin colors are awesome 😀 I love your skin colours – best cc ever ♥ however it’d be really nice if you could create all 99 skin tones compatible with GTW expansion pack. I’ll understand if you have no time or cannot. I just wanted to ask 😉 Keep on doing that fantastic work 😀 have a nice day
    ~ Aga

    • I believe that, overall, I really improved upon the collection, even though I took some colors out. When I developed the first 99 colors, I picked the 99 colors outside of game. When I finished them and played with them in game there was hardly a discernible difference between all of the lightest shades (15 shades of white, anyone?), and the darkest shades were really too dark in my opinion, looking out of place in the Maxis environment.

      I figured if I had to remake the collection, I could make it better, and so I did. These new colors are more carefully chosen, and I tested each one in game to see how it looked directly after I made it. I also feel like the jumps in color are much less harsh now when parents have children.

      I will not not be updating the old files, although they still do function with the new files installed (even if the genetics don’t fully work).

      • I created Sims with your 99 skin tones and I’m wondering if it/they (idk) will work correctly when I replace old file with that new (I know I don’t have to but 162 different skin tones are quite lot) thanks for your replay 😀 have a nice day 🙂

      • They will not work correctly if you try to just replace them. The new files have completely new ID numbers, and so your best bet is either pulling those sims into CAS to reassign them skin colors, or installing the new tones in addition to the old ones. Sorry about that!

  • I was wondering if theres any way to disable these for townies? I love all these colors but when I played, literally every newly generated townie was purple.

    • There is no way to disable these for townies. They are fully functioning skin colors, and working as intended. 80% of your skin colors are unnatural when you have them installed, and this makes for a very colorful town (which again, just to remind everyone, is the ENTIRE point of these skins).

      If you don’t want colorful townies to spawn, your only other option is to use skin color overlays in place of skin details (of which there is no way to avoid also overlaying your makeup and tattoos). I made skin overlays for this purpose in the past, and they are listed under skin color overlays. if you want to find them.

      • Okie dokie! Thanks! I thought maybe there was a way like how TS2 worked (I’m a bit of a control freak about skintones), but that’s fine. I do love your skintones, I guess I’ll save them for my berry neighborhood. Thanks again!

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  • I really love these skins, as well. I also would love to see some of the 99 return as you had some deeper browns that made beautiful skintones for black people. But I can understand if it’s too much work.
    If not, do the original skins clash with this one? For example, if I just went and grabbed the brown skintones you used from the prior set?

  • Thank you so very much for the skin tones! I will cherish them X3

  • Do you think these skintones could be enabled for aliens? A version of this made for aliens only? I think a lot of these skintones would look great on the aliens!

    • Alien skin tones require a completely separate code from human skin colors. It would take ages to make them all for aliens, and they would have to be separately maintained from the human skin tones. I’m not sure I want to commit to that kind of workload. It certainly is possible though.

  • I thought I should offer a headsup but Skintone 24 (The palest blue skintone) seems to have some issues. It works in the CAS but I get into game and it reverts to caucasian.

    • I’ll check it out! Thanks for the heads up!

      • You’re very welcome. Now I do acknowledge I have lots of content in my game so there might be conflicts. Although I took all my other skintones out to see if there was some sort of conflict and it still did weird things. I put in the older 1-99 skintone and it works fine.

      • I’ll check it out. When making over 60 new packages in one day, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that I screwed one up ^.^ no matter how much quality control I do!

      • Just to offer you a touch of help in a direction to look. I did remove all content to check for conflicts. I even took Get to Work makeup off and dropped the Sim into the world and the blue skintone still didn’t stick. I don’t know if this will help you at all.

      • I don’t know, I think there was just a problem with the file. I replaced it with a new one, and that one is working for me, so I updated both links above, (the 1-63 link, and the 22-24 link). The color that wasn’t showing up in game for me was color #24, a light blue color. The other light blue color, color #27, was working fine.

      • That did the trick! Excellent work! Thank you so much!

      • Glad it is working now!

  • awwww soo cuteeee *O* lovee your work! (Y)!! i like so much~~thank you very much for your work hard !!!! :DD -hugs- :33

  • These are gorgeous and I love them, but am I correct in assuming they are not genetic? Because I tried multiple times to have a baby with a different colored townies, and it never worked.

  • Nevermind that last comment, I think I just didn’t have the updated version.

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