18 Birth Mark Skin Overlays (Works on any skintone!)

I made these because people have been posting some really cool models on tumblr with the skin disorder vitiligo.  These skins are meant to sort of simulate that and to also simulate lighter markings caused by birthmarks.  I also figure if you want some cool looking aliens, these will also work for that!

You will find these under skin details.  I use them with Lumia Lover’s Oooooooh Smooth Skin, and they look really nice! Each Color group of swatches (the columns in the pictures are labelled) is a different style of the skin overlay, and each color has three different levels of transparency, which are represented by 3 shades of that color.  I couldn’t get them to stay in order, so you’ll just have to live with it.


05-11-15_8-08 PM-2 copy

And here are the same overlays on one of my skin colors!

05-11-15_8-08 PM-pc copy

Download all 18 Birthmark Skin Overlays combined together into one package here:

18 Birthmark Skin Overlays!


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