70 Matching Berry Recolors for Women! (Hair/Eyebrows)

Hey Guys!

Here is a female hair and eyebrows that match the berry colors I released for men yesterday!  I am going to continue this series of recolors for Men, Women, and children, including hairstyles, eyebrows, and facial hair.

I did 70 matching Recolors of Stealthic’s Hair Mesh ‘Vapor’, Retextured by Nessasims, and some matching female eyebrows. If you select for the hair and eyebrows to match in game, they will (sometimes I had to select it more than once to get it to work correctly).

All credit for the hair mesh and retexture of course goes to Stealthic and Nessasims, I only recolored it.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have two folders for hair, one for Nessasims retextures/recolors, and one for everything else.  Go download Nessasims recolors for this hairstyle HERE if you want even more colors!  Mine do not overlap with hers!

05-27-15_1-12 AM

You MUST download the mesh from Stealthic for the ‘Vapor Hairstyle’!  I highly recommend you download her other hairstyles, because they are amazing!

Download by clicking on the links below:

1. 70 Matching Berry Recolors of Stealthic’s Vapor Hairstyle, retextured by Nessasims!

    Mesh for Stealthic’s ‘Vapor Hairstyle’!

2. 70 Matching Berry Recolors of Women’s Eyebrow 1!

Examples of the Colors:

1 (2)

All 70 Matching Hair and Eyebrows!

05-27-15_7-48 PM-3 copy 6


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