70 Matching Berry Colors for Women (Nightcrawler No Angel Hairstyle/Eyebrow 2)

Hey Guys!

Here is another female hair and eyebrows that match the berry colors I’ve been releasing!  I am going to continue this series of recolors for Men, Women, and children, including hairstyles, eyebrows, and facial hair.

I did 70 matching Recolors of Nightcrawler’s ‘No Angel’ Hairstyle and some matching female eyebrows. If you select for the hair and eyebrows to match in game, they will (sometimes I had to select it more than once to get it to work correctly).

All credit for the hair mesh and original hair design of course goes to Nightcrawler, I only recolored it.

06-01-15_11-02 PM-25

You MUST download the mesh from Nightcrawler for the ‘No Angel’ Hairstyle!  I highly recommend you download her other hairstyles, because they are amazing!

Download by clicking on the links below:

1. 70 Matching Berry Recolors of Nightcrawlers ‘No Angel’ Hairstyle

    Mesh for Nightcrawler’s ‘No Angel’ Hairstyle

2. 70 Matching Berry Recolors of Women’s Eyebrow 2!

Examples of the Colors:


All 70 Matching Hair and Eyebrows!

06-02-15_11-02 PM-2 copy 6


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