My name is Simsperience, and I live in Minnesota with my Husband and our two cats, Rogue and Bishop!

Every item on this blog is a recolor (NON-default replacement).  Have no fear, my items will not replace any of the choices available to you in game!  I have no intentions of creating any default replacement items, but if I ever do I will make sure the items are VERY clearly labeled.

I like my CC items to blend in with the game content, and so you won’t see a lot of items completely redone, mostly just new patterns and colors of existing items.  I feel like the clothing in Sims 4 are mostly really well done, I just want a few more choices, so that is what I plan to give everyone!

I work hard to test everything in game with all of my other CC before releasing it to you guys.  Every item is tested at least five times before I upload it for you guys to use!  I will do my best to post frequently (especially after patches) about the state of my CC items, and if they are fully functional or not.

As of right now (4-25-2015), all items I made in the CAS Demo are fully functioning in the full version of the Sims 4 Game.

I hope you like the items, and happy simming folks!



  • what program should i open the downloaded files with on my PC?

    • You don’t need any program to open them They are already in standard package form and don’t need to be unzipped! You just put the package files right in the mods folder which is Start–>Documents–>Electronic Arts–>The Sims 4–>Mods. Be sure to leave the resource.cfg file in the mods folder, because it needs to be there to work!

  • Thank you! These are wonderful and with my skin overlays, they make many more colors!!

  • Hi I was just wondering how you made the dresses! I want to do stuff like this but im not sure how to recolor the items to give them certain patterns! Please give me some advice I am new to photoshop too so that doesnt help :/ Thank you

  • I am Brazilian, married and mother of three. One of my amusements is to play The Sims. I love your recolor. They give more life to the game and the Sims. I’m always checking your updates. Are always wonderful! Congratulations!

  • Hello, Where have you been? I’ve been missing their recolors. They are always so beautiful! Withdrew TS4?

    • I’m sorry, I burned myself out and was gone for quite awhile, but I’ve made my way back now. TS4 is definitely harder to make CC for, but I haven’t given up yet!

  • Hi Simsperience! Is it possible ta make these beautiful crop top recolors Base Game compatible? I would be very grateful, thanx!

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